January Mood Board

Happy 2019!! I hope you all had brilliant Christmases! I’m still trying to get my head around how fast last year went and how much happened in that time. It flew by! I’m not one for setting too much (read: any) stock in the deafening ‘new year, new me’ mantra that gets bandied about this time of year - I don’t think it’s healthy and I think it’s mostly aimed at women which is really frustrating - but I do think it’s ok to use this time of year and reflect and look forward. I’m hopeful for 2019: I turn 30 this year, I’m visiting Berlin for the first time ever, I’ll be hanging out with my dreamboat boyfriend even more, and I’m actively looking for a marketing and communications role in a kind, brave and inclusive organisations (hit me up if this is you - daisy@daisymankee.com).

Romantic, textured and sparkly are the things I’m loving this this month. All from my Pinterest. I simply L O V E doing these little mood boards. They work really nicely with the #colourmood stories and posts I do each Sunday over on my Instagram. This new colour palette of tans, mustards and greens that started to sneak in in my December Mood Board is here to stay. I’ve been watching a lot of Strictly (Come Dancing) and I’ve been so inspired by winner, Stacey Dooley’s, whole aesthetic. It’s my perfect wardrobe: a palette of neutrals, in billow-y shapes, clashing against that amazing copper hair. So beautiful.

And, just in case you missed it, I’ve started a new blog series reviewing the branding and marketing of campaigns and brands I love. You can read the first one here, k? I hope you all have a brilliant first week back at work. loooovvvvvvvve.


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